Holidays at Caynham Castle

Hi, everyone! I haven’t done much writing since the pandemic began, but I have published three novellas in the Caynham Castle anthologies. Those are: Christmas at Caynham Castle, Trick or Treat at Caynham Castle and Ring in the New at Caynham Castle. These anthologies take place in the town of Caynham-on-Ledwyche, a town the authors created in Shropshire, near the border with Wales. The town grew up as a result of its proximity to Caynham Castle. Long ago it was home to the earl and his vassals. Today, it is a hotel catering to those with a love of history. 


Over the life of the anthologies, both the Castle and the town have grown and developed. They are rich with characters, history and gorgeous cobblestone streets that run through the old town. Come spend the holidays at Caynham Castle. You may find you want to spend all your holidays there!