Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions I hear from readers and some mostly-honest answers:

Do you write romance? You hang out with the Romance Bandits, but your books don’t seem like traditional romances.

Hmm…well, it depends on your definition. I tend to write books about the things that are important to me: love, family, friends, community. Often that involves my heroine finding the love of her life, but that might not always be the case. Sometimes she is in search of something else (meaning, truth, a sense of self) and happens to find love on the way. She can often only accept love after she finds what she’s looking for. So I guess you could say my books are romances of the self and the heart both.

Are your books available in hard copy form? I don’t own an e-reader.

My books are available only in e-formats at this time. However, there are free e-readers available for use on your PC, laptop, iPad or smart phone. These may be downloaded at sites like Amazon and iTunes, among others. If you know your model of phone, pad or PC, you may want to Google “free e-reader for _______” and insert the device make and model. There are many ways to enjoy e-books!

Do you give away copies of your books to poor and desperate readers who really, really want to read them?

Writing is a career for me, so making money from my books is important. Crass, but true. I do, however, often give away free copies of my books during book launches on Romance Bandits and while guest blogging on other forums. Check my Appearances page to see where and when I will be blogging next for a chance to win a free book!

Do you really have a cat with a terrible attitude and a tendency to complain very loudly? He seems too big a character to be real.

ChapsBelieve me, the cat is real. His name is Chaps and he is every bit as irascible and complaining as I make out. Ask my husband and kids! He kind of has it made, too, which is what bugs me. He’s spoiled rotten and does pretty much whatever he pleases. He also is the only short-haired cat I know who has a huge hairball issue requiring special food! He is now much fatter than he was in this picture. He says he “put on fat for winter” but it doesn’t seem to actually disappear in summer these days. He also hates all cat treats. Did I mention he is an ingrate?