About Caren

caren_biopicI began writing fiction purely for the amusement of myself and a couple of friends at work. We were all inmates at a very dull engineering company and my rambling first attempt at a novel, She Lived On the Porch, was just the diversion we so badly needed.

I soon decided: a) writing was way more fun than engineering; and, b) I needed serious help learning to write well. One of my good friends (and earliest readers) suggested I join Romance Writers of America. Lucky for me, my local RWA chapter is the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers (aka Most Awesome Chapter Ever!). I joined and found a group of kindred spirits, along with the best fiction-writing education around. After writing seven full-length novels and being rejected by every agent and editor even remotely interested in my writing, I decided to concentrate on getting my remaining chicks out of the nest before returning to beat my head on the wall of publication.

Having successfully booted the last of my three children out the door to college (children who, hopefully, will never move home again for longer than summer break), I decided watching dust gather was probably not a viable past time. Now, in addition to working a dreaded day job, I ignore the state of my house and work diligently to write and publish warm-hearted novels with a healthy dose of humor and a whole lot of romance. I share my (very dusty) North Carolina home with my darling husband (the most tolerant man in the universe) and the environs around my house with my very feral cat, Kimba. Kimba has the Cushiest Life Ever. My mother says we spoil him far more than we ever did the kids. And that’s saying something, considering he’s a cat…