A Book For Father’s Day!

What’s that? Father’s Day isn’t for us mommy types? Well, in my opinion, any excuse to buy a book will do. To that end I present, Who’s Your Daddy: A DNA Anthology.  It features novellas from me and two of my favorite Bandita sisters, Jeanne Adams and Nancy Northcott.

Here’s the blurb:

Presenting three tales of secrets revealed and histories uncovered by DNA testing. 

A carpenter discovers his father isn’t actually his father. Coming to terms with the truth reaffirms his place in his family,  but it also leads him to love with an old friend’s sister and helps him find a path for his life.

A lawyer learns his grandmother had a secret marriage before his father was born. With the help of a talented genealogist, he tracks down his ancestry. Will he find the truth about his grandmother’s secret before whoever’s trying to kill him succeeds?

A burned-out spy goes home for a holiday and re-encounters the woman he never dated but never forgot. As he and she grow closer, he learns her niece, his ex-girlfriend’s child, bears an uncanny resemblance to him. When the truth comes out, it will alter three lives.


Okay, so the one about the carpenter is mine. It’s called Brown-Eyed Boy and it’s about Eric Burns, one of the six Burns kids (brother to both Dr. Tim and Lacey). Poor Eric is still living at home with his mama and working for friends during construction season. But everything Eric knows – matter of fact everything in his whole life – is about to change. See, Connie got all the Burnses DNA test kits for Christmas. Eric is just about to find out his results. Things get interesting very quickly!

What’s that? Is Lacey’s book ever coming out, you ask? Why yes. Yes, indeed it is! Necessary Lies should be out in July, God willing and the creek don’t rise. It’s in edits now, so it could even be out before July. We shall see!

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