Kick Start

Linda Dowling is ready to shake the dust of her bitter divorce off her boots and Kick Start her life into action. She level sets her children, goes back to college, meets a younger man and life starts rolling down the post-marriage highway. Until her old life freezes her new one in mid-cruise. Friends and neighbors in Linda’s suburban paradise do not approve of any divorce, much less one in their midst. They certainly don’t approve of Linda’s new love interest. Linda does not want to care, but she spent the last 20 years trying to fit in. It would be crazy to turn her back on the life she so painstakingly built–and her ex so abruptly knocked down–for an untried start-up relationship. Or would it? Linda reroutes her journey and decides to make a detour–including side trips to see her hairdresser, her mother, the homicidal Courtroom Barbie who wrecked her marriage and her suddenly psycho ex-husband–and see where else life might take her. All she needs is courage and a good old-fashioned Kick Start.


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