Happy Winter!

We don’t get much snow where I live in North Carolina, but right now we have snow melting in the yard and it’s supposed to be 64 degrees today. That’s how winter rolls around here. To stave off winter boredom, the authors of Red Door Reads are giving you a chance to win free books when you unscramble our Valentine’s Day message!

Just find all the secret message hearts on Red Door Reads websites. Each website will have a “hidden” candy heart with a letter on it and a link to the next website. Find all the letters, unscramble the message, and enter it to win! Full details are available on the Red Door Reads website.

Meanwhile, I am (finally) finishing the fourth of my Cross Springs novels, Necessary Lies. If you have missed any of the novels or novellas, this is a great time to catch up before the release. Necessary Lies finds Lacey Burns facing an empty house when her son, Nate, heads to college. It also finds Nate’s father, Sam (aka Lakewood), heading back to Cross Springs to find her. But Lacey never told Sam about Nate and his presence in Cross Springs is the last thing Lacey expects. This book has any number of Big Issues, which is why it’s taking a while to finish!

I will also have a novella coming out around Father’s Day this year that will be a super fun treat for those who love the town of Cross Springs and its colorful characters.

If you’re a completist and you’ve missed any installments of the series, here is the order in which they should be read:

Kick Start (novel)

Baby Steps (novel)

Cross Springs in Bloom (novella)

Tiara Wars (novel)

Cross Springs Scandal (novella)

Lakewood Confidential (novella)


Have fun and stay warm, everyone!