Novellas Everywhere!

Hi, everyone! 

Welcome to Spring and to the veritable bouquet of new novella releases! I’m very excited that my novellas Cross Springs Scandal and Lakewood Confidential are on sale at all major e-book retailers. Please note the amazing covers designed by my friend Lily Smith of Covers by Lily. Lovely, eh?

51H22+iQSWL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Cross Springs Scandal is a companion to my third Cross Springs novel, Tiara Wars. It is the story of what happened between Katie Warren’s dead husband, Larry, and his baby mama, Suzanne Waters. I didn’t know much about Suzanne before writing this novella, but that poor girl has had a hard life. Please don’t judge her too harshly! This novella originally appeared as part of the Red Door Reads anthology 50 Ways to Kill Your Larry.



The other newly-published novella is Lakewood Confidential. Those of you who have read Kick Start and Baby Steps know that Connie and Tim Burns’ nephew, Nate, belongs to Tim’s sister Lacey. Lacey had a long-ago affair with MC Smoov Sam, who later became the famous hip-hop artist Lakewood. In this novella, Lakewood is getting a tattoo and telling the never-before-heard story of his life (the real story) to tattoo artist Tondra so she can use his history to create his artwork. This is backstory you will want to know before the publication of my upcoming Cross Springs novel, Untold Lies. This novella originally appeared in the Forget Me Not anthology benefitting Alzheimer’s, dementia and brain injury research.

The Road Home part 3Speaking of Red Door Reads, April 15 will be our annual TAX DAY EVENT! This year, rather than us choosing what sort of novella we would write, we asked our readers what THEY would like us to write. Best-selling authors Sabrina Jeffries and Carly Phillips chose from the entries what sort of story the novella would have, as well as the sort of hero and heroine.  Due to deadlines, we decided to do a round-robin story event for Tax Day called The Road Home! On April 15, you will want to start at and use the link at the bottom of the story’s beginning to link to the next section. Each section will have a link to the next section on the next author’s website. I have Part 3 of the story, so be sure not to miss it come April 15!

Best yet, when you read the novella in its entirety, you will pick up clues to answer the questions found at the end of the story. Enter for a chance to win a Kindle Fire!

I will be busy at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention #RT2016 at the Rio Casino and Resort in Las Vegas! Catch me reading at Lady Jane’s Salon RDU – Las Vegas Edition on Tuesday, April 12 or at the Carnival of Romance on April 14!

I will be exhausted come May, but hope to recover quickly. May is my birthday month, after all.

Have a great Spring!

Best wishes and happy reading!