Double Book Launch Bonanza!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00004]I am very excited to share that my third Cross Springs novel, Tiara Wars, is out now! What happened to the second Cross Springs novel, you ask? Well, Baby Steps came out in late June, but I was locked out of my website and couldn’t get in to update it for love or money. I have now succeeded in breaking in, thanks to my fabulous friend and beloved webmaster, so we can have a big old double book launch celebration!! Check out the Books pages for the buy links. They are available at all major e-book retailers!

Baby Steps was all about Connie Burns, the best friend of Linda from the first Cross Springs novel, Kick Start. Connie never wanted kids…until she did. Baby Steps is about her journey toward motherhood and everything she learns along the way. One of the things she learns is that Katie Warren, the ex-beauty queen and current social maven of Cross Springs, is actually a nice person despite how she treated Linda in Kick Start. Matter of fact, the two become really good friends over the course of the book, surprising themselves and everyone else!

Baby StepsTiara Wars is Katie’s story. I didn’t set out to write a book about Katie. I really didn’t. Somehow, though, she became a more central figure in every book I wrote about Cross Springs, including the between-the-books novella, Cross Springs In Bloom. I wanted to know who Katie was and what made her tick. Of all the heroines I’ve ever written, Katie is the least like me. That made her really fascinating to write about. And hard to get a handle on, too. I finally figured Katie out, though, and she figured herself out. Her journey in Tiara Wars is a transformative one.

I think you’ll love these new installments in the Cross Springs saga. If you missed the first ones, be sure to check out Kick Start and the novella Cross Springs In Bloom!

All my best and happy reading!

Caren Crane


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