New Novella Supports Alzheimer’s Research

Hi, everyone! 

Forget Me Not_I’m very excited to announce that I have a new novella coming out on Thanksgiving Day. The title is Lakewood Confidential and it is part of an anthology, FORGET ME NOT, with a great cause: supporting Alzheimer’s and Brain Health. Lead author Tammy Falkner came up with the idea to set a series of novellas in the world of her Reed brothers’ tattoo shop. Each novella features a guest tattoo artist with a chance to appear on the Reed brothers’ reality show, set in the tattoo shop. Each novel also features a skin with a story to tell. Best of all, all proceeds from the sale of FORGET ME NOT will be donated to benefit Alzheimer’s and Brain Health. A win for us all!

This lovely slideshow tells you why and for whom each author is contributing to this anthology. See a picture of me and my grandmother, Ann, who suffered from dementia in her last years and see what she taught me:

The tattoo artist in my novella, Lakewood Confidential, is a young artist named Tondra. Tondra left her home, family and longtime boyfriend to pursue a career as an artist in New York City. She is thrilled to have a chance to appear on the Reed brothers’ reality show, since the media could open doors for her other art and help her prove to her parents that she can make it on her own. The clock is ticking, since she only has three more months before she has to prove her success or head back to Atlanta.

She lucks out when her skin for the show’s segment turns out to be none other than Lakewood, a famous hip-hop artist from her hometown, Atlanta. Lakewood wants Tondra to create a tattoo that will help him remember who he used to be and how he used to feel when he was performing as MC Smoov Sam back in the day. He also tells her a story he’s never told anyone. A story that reveals unknown secrets about his past…and about the girl he left behind.

By the way, Lakewood (aka MC Smoov Sam), is featured with Lacey Burns in my as-yet-unnamed Cross Springs novel #4. Extra fun!

Here are a couple of pre-order links you can use to order your copy of FORGET ME NOT now. Do it before the turkey and pumpkin pie suck your will to live!

Here are the other authors contributing to novellas to FORGET ME NOT:

  • Tammy Falkner
  • Ava Stone
  • Jerrica Knight-Catania
  • Marquita Valentine
  • Andris Bear
  • L.j. Charles
  • Jane Charles
  • Lexi Eddings
  • Diane Franks

We also plan to give away a Kindle to a lucky reader. Stay tuned for more details to come. Order early! Order often! More pre-order links to come, as well.

Best wishes and happy reading!